Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sayville Marsh
After the storm, 5x7 oil on canvas

Yesterday , I spent the day going through my photos from last year.  Perfect time to do some snow paintings. This is just a little experiment.  Happy  Sunday everyone.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Short Beach plein air

After being in , nursing a cold all week, need some fresh air.
Mike, Monet and I went to short beach, one of my favorite places to paint.
Didn't want to stay out too long. So I just did an hour oil sketch.  It was great being out.
Caleb Smith Park
8x10 oil

I painted this 8x10 last Saturday morning before I went to the the emergency room, with some back and side paint
I was there all night while they ran test.  Thank God, it was just an urinary tract infection. It took most of the week to get back and then phase 2 a cold.  It seems everyone is getting the seasonal cold.
Stay well my fellow bloggers.  Happy Painting.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Sayville Marsh Sold

Trying  to add to this post.  I had a lovely surprise. Today, I got the news that this painting.  Sayville Marsh was sold at the Port Jefferson Center.  It was an art exhibit by the group NSAG.  It was an honor for me to participate with such gifted artist. Happy painting everyone.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Day at the BB & GG Pumpkin Patch

People and little child picking pumpkins

6x8 oil sketch on canvas panel

My set up on location

Me cleaning brushes

And there they are my painting pals, Mike and Monet.
The little guy can hardly be seen in front of my cart.

We were lucky enough to have gorgeous weather on Monday.  Mike and I took advantage of being out . A little painting and fresh air is great.  Happy painting everyone./

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Atmosphere at the bluff

18x24 oil on board

Another recent painting I worked on this past month.  I love doing atmospheric paintings. This was done in the studio. Not posting on my blog has been something that I am trying to change.  Today I will get to see my good friend Hilda.  We are picking up our work from the Conklin House.  It is a yearly event we both take part in and we enjoy seeing one another. I will try to visit most of you, there has been so  many blogs that I look forward seeing. 

Sunday Morning post

8x10 oil sketch on canvas

East Setauket Bridge

Lone Wolf

a sketch in gouache
Well once again I find myself painting without my painting friends.  Life is funny in a way, it is constantly changing.  My painting pals had some health issues or just would rather paint in the studio.  So it is Mike, Monet and me.  I thank God they are with me.  Happy painting everyone.  I am off to the 8am mass this morning. Enjoy you Sunday.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Golden Marsh

Golden Marsh

 Painted this on location but had to finish in the studio.  Trying to post from my tablet.  All these devices I have are driving me crazy.  I should just stick to painting. 
Happy Painting  everyone.